Halloween 2023 Anime Illustrations: Wrapped

Anime Corner has arranged a list of some of the most notable Halloween 2023 anime illustrations. While these weren’t voted for like our Weekly Rankings, we hope some of your favorite series are represented here. The most on-theme currently airing title, Jujutsu Kaisen, revealed a new visual for its Shibuya Arc yesterday.

Halloween 2023 Anime Illustrations:

insert image of Classroom of the Elite halloween anime 2023 visual.jpg
© Shogo Kinugasa, KADOKAWA / Classroom of Elite Production Committee

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

insert image of Spice and Wolf halloween visual
©️ 2022 Isuna Hasekura, Jyuu Ayakura/ KADOKAWA / Rowen Trading Guild

My Dress-Up Darling

insert image of My Dress-Up Darling halloween visual
©Shinichi Fukuda/SQUARE ENIX, Kisekoi Committee
insert image of re:zero halloween visual
© Tappei Nagatsuki, KADOKAWA / “Re:ZERO − Starting Life in Another World 3” Production Committee

Oshi no Ko

Days with My Stepsister

Dark Gathering

insert image of Dark Gathering halloween visual
©Kenichi Kondo/Shueisha, Dark Gathering Production Committee

Gushing Over Magical Girls

insert image of Gushing over Magical Girls halloween visual
© Akihiro Ononaka/ Takeshobo/ Gushing Over Magical Girls Production Committee

Giji Harem

insert image of Giji Harem halloween anime 2023 visual
© Yu Saito, Shogakukan / Giji Harem Production Committee


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