This is NOT Actually an Anime Series

Colors by Hata Motohiro and TOHO animation with Wit studio is a beautiful anime music video composed by the legend himself, Hiroyuki Sawano known for the soundtrack in attack on titan, eighty six, guilty crown, blue exorcist, etc. Next video will be about Yoasobi #romanceanime #anime #manga

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here’s a romance anime to watch in mv form
Anime / Manga: 【荒木哲郎×SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Hata Motohiro】『COLORs』/TOHO animation ミュージックフィルムズ
Similar: YOASOBI「海のまにまに」Official Music Video or ぼくらの (Bokurano) – Eve Music Video
BGM: tiny light by kito akari from tbhk (toilet bound hanako-kun)

Other winter 2023 anime: Vinland saga or Bungou Stray Dogs , Buddy Daddies, Tomo chan is a girl (Tomo-chan wa onnanoko), Trigun Stampede, Kubo won’t let me be invisible in Gigguk from trash taste podcast video



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