Anime Recommendations Where MC Is Overpowered But Acts Weak

Anime Recommendations Where MC Is Overpowered But Acts Weak: It’s time we take a return into the world of overpowered anime protagonists, they usually like acting weak, play the victim role or just look underwhelming, when in reality they are the powerhouse of the series. Its time to recommend anime series where overpowered main characters pretend to be weak!


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(Thumbnail: Immoral Guild)

Anime Used:

0:00 Intro
0:25 Hero Return
1:18 Shangri-la-Frontier
2:06 A Play through Of A Certain Dudes VRMMO Life
3:07 A Returners Magic Should Be Special
4:08 AYAKA
5:15 Classroom For Heroes
6:16 Musaigen no Phantom
7:20 Farming Life In Another World
8:06 Dungeon Of Black Company
9:09 Dragon Raja

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(Weak Looking But Overpowered MC Anime)
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