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😳CUIDADO te vas a CAER 😱 ¡LA WAIFU DRAGONA que te esta PROTEGIENDO🐉 Experiencia ÚNICA de Anime VR 🎮✨
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Ayano Aishi (a.k.a Yandere-chan or Yan-chan) is the playable protagonist of Yandere Simulator and the main antagonist in the spin-off minigame Yandere no Sutoka. Her goal is to eliminate ten rivals who have a special interest in her Senpai.

YandereDev originally did not want to name Ayano, as he believed that a name was unimportant [citation needed], but he later changed his mind.

One of YandereDev’s first ideas about Yandere-chan’s name was that it could mean “Murder”, for which he suggested Satsu Jinsha or Jinsha Satsu.[1]

However, he resigned from this idea, and decided that her name would include “yan” in it somewhere.[2] He leaned towards Ayano, because there are fewer Google searches for that name.[3]

Ayano is nicknamed “Yan-chan” by other students (probably by “yan” in “Ayano” and not because of “Yandere-chan”), but teachers will refer to her by either her surname or full name.[3]

Her name “Ayano” in Japanese is written as あやの in hiragana (アヤノ in katakana). In kanji, it is either 綾乃, with 綾 (aya) that means “figure”, “design”, “twill”, or “pattern of diagonal stripes”,[4] or 彩乃, with 彩 (aya), that means “color”, both with 乃 (no), which is a possessive particle.[5]

Her surname “Aishi” is a combination of kanji 愛 (Ai) that means “Love”, and 死 (Shi) that means “Death”.[6] “Aishi” is also an actual Japanese name, but rather than being ended with 死, is more often ended with 志 (Shi) that means “Purpose”, “Will”, “Determination”, “Aspiration”, or “Ambition”;思 (Shi) that means “Think”; or 詩 (Shi) that means “Poetry” or “Poem”.[7]

Main Article: Intros
Current Intro
Ayano monologues about her life, explaining that she has always felt “hollow” and “empty”. She reveals that her mother, Ryoba Aishi, also felt this way until she met Jokichi Yudasei, who awakened feelings in her. Ryoba related this to Ayano, impressing on her that same experience would happen to her as well. Ayano states that she has spent her life dreaming about this moment, waiting for the love that will “cure”, “fix”, and “save” her. The moment of when Ayano encountered her Senpai, Taro Yamada, it is shown where that he brought color, emotions, and hope to her life, thus ending her grey and emotionless life. Ayano is initially ecstatic until the appearance of Osana Najimi, a rival, which sends her into a rage. Ayano says that Osana cannot appreciate Senpai in way that she does and resolves to keep Senpai to herself – even if that means hurting or killing Osana. She ends by stating that “He will be mine. He doesn’t have a choice.”

The intro then crossfades into text message sequence from the second intro, in which Info-chan reveals herself to Ayano and gives her information on Osana, including her plans to confess her love to Senpai. Info-chan establishes the Panty Shot system with Ayano and ends with a wish for Osana to suffer.

Old Intros
First Intro
In the first intro, after expressing how disappointed she is with her current love life, Ayano has a dream about her ideal lover, ‘Senpai’, the night before her second year of school. That morning, she loses track of time and leaves for school late. She crashes into someone who looks identical to the person she saw in her dreams. When she sees him, she instantly falls in love, and concludes that their meeting is fate. She then sees him being scolded by his childhood friend, Osana Najimi, and plans to get rid of her.

Ayano then meets a mysterious girl named Info-chan, who asked by phone to meet her in (the now removed) Classroom 3-3. Info-chan tells her about the panty shot system and asks her to kill others around school so that her newspaper will sell better. Ayano has serious doubts about this, not wanting to do anything that horrible, but considers the idea after being told that Osana will confess her love for Senpai that Friday, under cherry tree behind school.

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