HIDIVE and Book Walker Team Up for Gushing Over Magical Girls Special Offer

HIDIVE and Book Walker are currently running a special offer on the Gushing Over Magical Girls manga with 30% or 80% off when you buy any volume of the series. Lasting until March 16th, all new users of Book Walker who signed up after March 4th will receive an 80% discount on all volumes of the Gushing Over Magical Girls e-manga when they use the discount code HIDIVEvip. Pre-existing users are eligible for a 30% discount on all volumes when they use the code HIDIVEbw.

HIDIVE x Book Walker Gushing Over Magical Girls special offer banner

Currently streaming uncensored on HIDIVE, Gushing Over Magical Girls is a beautiful coming-of-age story about exploring, understanding, and accepting the attractions and kinks one has in life. Telling the story of Utena Hiiragi, Gushing Over Magical Girl asks an important question, “What if instead of the hero, you’re better suited to be the villain?” You see, Utena loves magical girls and, more than anything, wants to be one. So when a magical mascot appears and tells her it can grant her the power to become a magical girl, she doesn’t hesitate to take up its offer. But, much like a genie’s wish, what she got differed from what she wanted. After her transformation, instead of being a paradigm of justice and looking the part, she’s transformed into a scantly and provocatively dressed villain.

Before she could even object to her new role, she had already been coerced into fighting the magical girls she so loved. But even as she protests, she quickly realizes that subjecting magical girls feels like a fluffy, warm dream. And with that, Utena, now known by her nom de guerre, Magia Baiser, sets out to conquer the world. But, really, such lofty goals are far outside the ambitions of Magia Baiser; all she wants is to be a bedroom bully to cute magical girls, a noble goal if there ever was one. For fans of shows like Fate Kaleid, To Love Ru, and Date A Live, Gushing Over Magical Girls is a must-watch series. And in this case, it’s also a must-read, so be sure to check out the HIDIVE x Book Walker Gushing Over Magical Girls special offer and snag a few copies of the manga.

Screenshots via HIDIVE – Source Book Walker Website
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