HOTTEST TRASH Anime of Summer 2023

It’s the hottest summer in history, but could the anime trash be even hotter? let’s dive into the dumpster fire and find out!
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Ranking Graphics by Aaron Schmit

00:00 Oh No It’s the Trash Inspector
02:58 HOTD But It’s Based
06:11 My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be A Magic iPad Kid
08:25 Demon Eye for the Hero Guy
10:38 If I had a Nickel for Every Blue Bunny Girl…
13:00 Mentos & Coke vs Giant Demon Experiment
14:27 No Name Brand Fantasy Harem
15:58 Liar raiL
18:29 Welcome to Hell, Again, Again
21:18 Harem x Harem ft Ging Freak

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