Showcasing New Evolved Josuka Unbreakable Is INSANELY Strong In Anime Adventures Update 16.5!

Showcasing New Evolved Josuka Unbreakable Is INSANELY Strong In Anime Adventures Update 16.5!


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Showcasing New Evolved Josuka Unbreakable Is INSANELY Strong In Anime Adventures Update 16.5!


Game Title: [👾UPD 14] Anime Adventures

– New World: Virtual Dungeon!
– Kiroto and his friends are trapped in a VR game, due to the actions of Heathcliff, the game’s creator! Help Kiroto and his friends navigate dangerous levels and defeat bosses to fight your way to Heathcliff, and challenge him and save the game once and for all!

– New Raid: Hero City – The Hero Slayer!
– Stain has appeared in Hero City and is on a relentless hunt to eradicate heroes he deems unworthy! Put an end to his terror and claim an exclusive reward for your victory!
– Complete enough raids for a guaranteed unit!
– Beat new raid quests to earn extra rewards!

– Damage Affinities Revamped!
– Most units now have an affinity towards a certain element!
– Added new affinity type and revamped Lightning/Ice!
– Some affinities now have an advantage in the new legend stages!
– Filter added to inventory UI to easily find a unit with the right damage affinities!

– Status effects UI added!
– New UI added to show buff amounts on units!
– Debuff immunity cooldowns are now visible on enemies!

– New Evolve Quests!
– Level requirement for unit slots reduced!

– New Leaderboard unit!
– New Infinity Castle season and season rewards!
– New Tournament unit!

– New Daily Missions added!
– Navi has more missions that can be completed to help you evolve units!

– In-game UI improvements!
– New Emotes!
– More units have become tradable!
– New Event Quests!
– New enemy types and mechanics!
– Balance changes + bug fixes!
– Much more coming soon!

– Units that are now tradable:
– Merlyn and Merlyn (Infinity)
– Piccoru (Fusion) and Piccoru (Nameless)
– Oshy and Oshy (Idol)
– Ipo
– Roshy
– Temori

– Non-limited version of Oshy added to Special Banner (no cosmetic and different shiny, untradable)

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