This DEPRESSING Anime is About an Immortal Elf

Frieren Beyond Journey’s End or Sousou no Frieren is a sad anime about an Immortal elf, Frieren and her party members Himmel, Heiter and Eisen as she revisits her past with Fern and has to face the fact that she will outlive them. It will be airing this October for fall 2023 anime season and has bocchi the rock’s director #romanceanime #anime #manga

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Anime / Manga : Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Sousou no Frieren – 葬送のフリーレン also covered by gigguk from trash taste podcast
Similar: To your eternity – Fumetsu no Anata e
TVアニメ『葬送のフリーレン』PV/2023年秋放送開始/Frieren Beyond Journey’s End Animation Trailer
BGM: tiny light by kito akari from tbhk (toilet bound hanako-kun)

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